2018 Annual Meeting

2018 Annual Meeting
New Hampshire Conference, United Church of Christ
"This is the day of the poured out spirit: Dreamers & Visionaries arise"


October 20, 2018
Grappone Center, Concord, NH




Call for Exhibitors
Exhibitor Application (as a pdf)  (as a Word Document)


Minutes of the 2017 Annual Meeting
(Approved by the NHCUCC Board of Directors - 11/11/2017)


A Guide to Proposed Changes to UCC Constitution and Bylaws

Proposed Amendments to Constitution and Bylaws: Summary and Background of the Work of the UCCB (Timeline and Process)

The Constitution of the United Church of Christ (with changes noted)


Guidelines for Proposed Resolutions
(a document that clarifies how to create and submit resolutions for consideration by the Board of Directors or the Gathered Conference)