Immigration Mission Group

A Great Need for New Members on Immigration Mission Group

Here are some key tasks new members on the Immigration Mission Group could do:

  • You could support the Maranatha Indonesian UCC church in person by visiting them on the first Sunday of the month for their English service. No experience necessary. If you get to know someone with an open case you could write a letter of support for them which could help persuade the judge to decide in their favor.
  • Although membership in the Maranatha Indonesian UCC has rebounded some since the 2011 deportations people with revocable immigration statuses are feeling threatened again. Send letters of encouragement to their congregation at 18 Town Hall Rd Madbury, NH 03823.
  • Pastor Sandra says, "When you make the choice to call your Members of Congress and Senators, those calls make a difference." The persistence of a small active group is needed!
  • The public needs to know about the benefits of welcoming immigrants. You could host an educational event at your church or attend a rally.

    Join the Immigration Working Group and learn!

    Nancy Pape
    NHCUCC Immigration Mission Group