Covenant…calls us to support one another in all settings of the United Church of Christ. Our Church’s Wider Mission, OCWM, the giving of the local church to the wider settings, is the life blood of that Covenant. As that life flows, congregations are empowered and individual lives are changed.

Sixty cents of every OCWM (Basic Support) dollar stays right here in the New Hampshire Conference. Forty cents is shared with the National setting of the United Church of Christ for the ministry and mission of our denomination in the United States and around the world.

Contributions to Our Church’s Wider Mission (Basic Support):

  • Strengthens local churches;
  • Supports pastors, church educators and seminarians;
  • Provides resources for worship and stewardship;
  • Connects us with mission partners around the world;
  • Makes possible church camp experiences at Horton Center;
  • Helps us to stand for justice and work for peace;
  • And so much more!

Changing Lives: That’s Our Church’s Wider Mission

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