Prophetic Speakers / Preachers Bureau Info

Compassionate Listing Project
Joel Berman & Helen Fitzgerald
Topic: "Compassionate Listening" (A Two-Hour Presentation)
Joel Berman & Helen Fitzgerald

Creation Care & Climate Change
The Rev. Gray Fitzgerald
Topic: "Being Humbled by a Black-eyed Susan" (A Sermon/Message)
Gray Fitzgerald

Human Rights
Speaker: Janet Simmon
Topic: "Stories from the Forced Removal of American Native Tribes and Palestinian Arabs"
(An Interactive Workshop)
Janet Simmon

Speaker: Nancy Pierpont (Pape)
Topic: "Standing with Our Immigrant Neighbor"
(A 90 minute Workshop or Worship Leadership with a 15 minute sermon on immigration)
Nancy Pierpont (Pape)

Opioid Crisis in New Hampshire
The Rev. Susan Grant Rosen
Topic: "The Opioid Crisis: How Churches Can Respond"
(A 60-75 minute second hour Workshop and/or preaching on the topic)
Rev. Susan Grant Rosen

Palestinian Life under Israeli Occupation
Speakers: Revs. John & Faye Buttrick
Topic: Personal Experiences In Palestine, Palestine Kairos Document, UCC Resolution on Israel/Palestine
(Small Group Presentations or Worship Leadership)
John & Faye Buttrick

Transgender Persons
Speaker: Gerri Cannon
Topic: "Learning to Live Truthfully to One's Self and with Others"
Gerri Cannon

Women's Prison Ministry
Speaker: The Rev. Beth Richeson
Topic: Facilitating Connections between Incarcerated Women and Local Congregations
Beth Richeson