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Disaster Response and Preparedness Resources from Other Conferences

UCC Council of Conference Ministers Webinar Series


Hosted by Rev. Don Remick, Bridge Conference Minister for Innovation, Southern New England Conference UCC.

Panelists will share their stories telling about:

  • What information or guidance did they consider in making their decision
  • Who did they include in the decision making process
  • What perspectives did they seek from the congregation
  • What engagement did they have with local health agents or board of health
  • How did they communicate their decision to the congregation

The intention is not to give advice on what you should do. We are too diverse in our geographies, approaches, styles of church and spread of this illness to try to give uniform advice. Your best approach is always to contact your Conference for their suggestions and guidelines. They are customized to the local context. Rather this is a glimpse of how different churches made their decisions. You’ll learn insights from their thinking, process and conversations that may help you with yours.

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Current Information

Protecting Your Church During Civil Unrest from the Insurance Board - Posted June 2, 2020

Pastoring in at Time of Pandemic

Solihten Institute and PCS present a live interactive webinar featuring Rev. Kelli Walker-Jones and Rev. Dr. Graham Standish. They will provide important information of how mental health dynamics can intersect with one's faith as we live in these challenging times. This conversation is especially timely as congregational leadership are discussing when and how to begin to join together in face to face worship. Both speakers also have personal and professional experience to understand how clergy may also have been impacted by the transitions and stresses of the past few months.
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The United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries has created a webpage to share resources with guidance on prevention and preparedness for congregations/individuals at:

Among those resources are also some helpful links:

New Hampshire Conference Minister, Rev. Gordon Rankin, adds "as we consider how to be thoughtful as churches in light of public health risks of contagious disease, it is also important that we continue to be attentive to the emotional and spiritual needs of our communities. We have received information from some of our New Hampshire colleagues that there have been reports of Asian-American students in some school systems being ridiculed by classmates (saying they create health risk for them). Too often it is the marginalized who are scapegoated and blamed in situations of public health risk. Please be extra attentive to the pastoral needs for persons of color and immigrants within your community."

General Information on Contagious Diseases:

We thank our Episcopalian colleagues from the New Hampshire Episcopal Diocese for the their Guide to Safe Practices in a time of concern about contagious diseases.