2020 Annual Meeting Archive

2020 Annual Meeting
New Hampshire Conference
United Church of Christ


Business Meeting & Keynote Address - October 17, 2020


Worship Service - October 18, 2020

The Annual Meeting Worship Team is offering a pre-recorded service for your worship experience on Sunday, October 18th (or whenever it is convenient for you to watch).  At the heart of worship will be a sermon delivered by the Rev Michael Caine and an anthem created by the Conference wide virtual choir.

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Official Call to the 219th Annual Meeting of the New Hampshire Conference UCC

Connecting Sessions

Connecting Sessions Detailed Information (posted September 2, 2020)


Frequently Asked Questions (posted September 18, 2020)

Ministerial Anniversaries


Minutes of the 2019 Annual Meeting
(Approved by the NHCUCC Board of Directors - 11/16/2019)

Mission Income & Spending Plan (MISP)

Proposed 2021 MISP Narrative (posted September 18, 2020)
Proposed 2021 MISP Summary (posted September 18, 2020)

Program of the Day

Proposed Program of the Day (posted September 25, 2020)


Annual Reports (Posted September 22, 2020)
Nominating Slate for 2020 - 2021  (Posted September 7, 2020)


A Resolution of Christian Witness on the Rights of Nature submitted by The Federated Church, Marlborough, New Hampshire, A Creation Justice Church in the UCC

Guidelines for Proposed Resolutions
(a document that clarifies how to create and submit resolutions for consideration by the Board of Directors or the Gathered Conference)

While resolutions may be submitted at any point during the year, the deadline for submitting resolutions for consideration at this year's NHCUCC Annual Meeting was Saturday, June 01, 2020.

Standing Rules

Standing Rules (Posted October 12, 2020)