Volunteers in Mission

Wider Church Relations Ministry Launches new Mission Group: Volunteers in Mission

Is your congregation or connected individuals passionate about hands on mission – volunteering locally and regionally, nationally, internationally?

Are you engaged in:

  • Disaster-related cleanup and building rehab, affordable housing construction or participating in housing ministry with non-profits and denominational entities?
  • Youth trips to inner city or the neighborhood next door to help at shelters, community cleanup, and nursing homes?
  • Other new volunteer initiatives that you’d love to share?


Would you like to join this mission group to interact with like-minded congregations and individuals?

  • Here’s your chance to light a spark, share best practices, promote mission trips, and participate in cooperative efforts - conference-wide and beyond.


The Wider Church Relations Ministry is launching this new group with the following purposes:

  • Surveying interested congregations and individuals with a passion for mission. 
  • Creating a data base of churches and individuals presently involved in mission efforts (or interested in doing so).
  • Acting in a facilitating role as clearinghouse and communication hub for those interested in sharing best practices, promoting trips, and advocating for unique cooperative efforts.
  • Providing timely information on present/emergent needs for hands on response in concert with others. See “Disaster Response” page on the NHCUCC website.

Our goal is to grow the Volunteers in Mission community by:

  • Holding occasional meetings of electronically or in person.
  • Promoting synergy and cross-fertilization among congregations and individuals by publicizing volunteer opportunities for events and upcoming trips.
  • Cementing relationships across the Conference and beyond, laboring together. (For instance, one suggestion has been to spearhead additional Horton Center work days or construction-related retreats; or by that bonded crew going “on the road”, on mission, to help our neighbors.)  Whether far-flung or closer to home, let’s do this.


Interested?  Want to know more? Take your first step!


We prayerfully hope that a critical mass of responses on everyone’s part will allow the Good News of Christ to take root and flourish via this new initiative.

On behalf of the Wider Church Relations Committee and its Volunteers in Mission Group.

Rev. Jeff Scott